For visitors

Welcome to Åsljunga Pallen

Our organisational area is over 7,4 hectares and on 10 altimeters. On the factory location there will be some tight sections that are dedicated to our own organisational traffic. These areas and tight sections can at no time be blocked. If these areas get blocked it will result with stops in our production. It is important that you as a visitor respect our rules and stays in the waiting zone until you are shown where to go.

Car traffic

Car traffic with matter on the organisational courtyard is recommended the visitors parking. From the visitors parking you may enter the office to report your presence.

Heavy traffic/Trucks

Heavy traffic/trucks that are going to load or unload is referred to the waiting zone. You will stay within the waiting zone (Area C on the info map) until our personal tell you otherwise.


  • Visitors are only allowed alone on the area or within the facilities after permission from your contact person.
  • Observe and respect all the signs and instructions.
  • All visitors shall wear a high visibility vest.
  • Smoking is not allowed for visitors within the whole area.
  • It is not allowed to bring or drink alcohol within the area.
  • Photographing is forbidden.
  • Children under 18 years are only allowed to be within the area with an adult’s supervision.