We are proud of our modern production facility and we probably have one of the most modern pallet production facilities in the world.

Our machinery is one of the most technological advanced on the market which give us the possibility to produce high quality and cost-efficient wooden packaging. Because of our unbroken supply chain, a circular economy, from forest to pallet, we can offer a reliable and high-quality production process.

Our goal is that our products shall be know for high quality and strength. Our business and our products shall contribute to a sustainable climate change, be user friendly and our products should function faultless. Our wooden packaging shall contribute to a safe delivery of your product.

Standard pallets

The standard pallets are the foundation of our production. We produce EUR-pallet and smaller pallets. We can deliver EUR-pallets with short lead times in big quantities.

Our products

Special pallets

Special pallets are our biggest product segment and our production facility is constructed to meet your demands.

Our products

Pallet Collars & Boxes

We can offer pallet collars in lengths up to 4 meters. To make you collars more personal we have the possibility to make screen prints on one or more sides.

Our products

Woodchips, Sawdust & Bark

From our process we produce woodchips, sawdust and bark.

Our products