Special pallets

Special Pallets are our largest product segment. A Special Pallet is a pallet that does not meet any established standard. That is, EUR-Pallet, EPAL, Industrial pallet or semi-pallet.

  • A Special pallet can be of very specific construction and dimensions
  • A special pallet may be of a more advanced construction consisting of specifically design wood articles. 
  • Or consist of product details in which advanced sawing and  bevels have been carried out to ensure the function. 

These specific details offer extra securing of the load while the pallet is used. Special pallets are pallets that are perfect to use for products that set different or higher requirements than can be expected from a standard pallet. 

Pallets made with planed wood articles

Our pallets are made from Spruce and pine which can be planed. Planed wood articles offer a smother surface and lower product tolerances. Planed wood items do not emit any knit sticks or wood chips and are suitable for cleaner spaces.

Pallets with more luxurious impression

A planed pallet also offers a more luxurious overall impression and a planed pallet will help establish your high quality when your products are delivered.

We develop your pallet together

Together with your help, we can design pallets that are completely designed to your needs. The pallet is therefore completely customized to you requirements. In addition, special pallets allow us to design a cost-efficient and durable pallet as it allows us to make better use of our raw material.

Manufacturing pallets with a green heart

Through our history of innovation and customer-centred solutions since 1951, we develop and produce high quality pallets. We have solutions for you when there is high demands regarding quality. Special pallets are available in several different constellations, each giving their own impression. 

Choosing a product from Åsljunga Pallen means that you choose a product made with quality, with innovation and with a green heart.
Feel free to contact us to find out what we can do for you and your brand. A pallet from Åsljunga Pallen exudes quality, durability and cost efficiency.

Contact us if you have any thoughts on what we can do together.

Lastpall - 1200x1000 - Åsljunga Pallen - Träpallar

Pallet 1200x1000

Measure: 1200x1000

Weight: approx. 27,8kg

Wood: Spruce/Pine

Lastpall - 1140x1140 Hyvlad - Åsljunga Pallen - Träpallar

Pallet 1140x1140 planed

Measure: 1140x1140

Weight: approx. 20,3kg

Wood: Spruce/Pine

Lastpall - 1200x990 - Åsljunga Pallen - Träpallar

Pallet 1200x900

Measure: 1200x900

Weight: approx. 14,3kg

Wood: Spruce/Pine

Lastpall - 2400x985 - Åsljunga Pallen - Träpallar

Pallet 2400x985

Measure: 2400x985

Weight: approx. 17,3kg

Wood: Spruce/Pine