Standard pallets - EUR / EPAL Pallet & half pallet

Standard pallets are the foundation of our manufacturing, standard pallets consist of EUR / EPAL pallets and half pallets. We can deliver EUR / EPAL pallets with short lead times in large quantities.

Standard pallets cover many different load carrier needs, from small light to large and heavy. Standard pallets are four-way pallets, ie they can be used with fork-lifts from all four directions. Pallets are available in standards such as: 

  • EUR-pall
  • EPAL
  • Industrial pallet
  • Half pallet

We manufacture all varieties. A standard pallet is one of the most cost-efficient pallet we offer. Choosing a standard pallet from us contributes to a better and more sustainable climate.

EUR pall and EPAL - the pallet standard

The EUR-pallet is the first pallet standard established as early as 1947 in Sweden. Europe followed shortly and in 1961 the European pallet pool was formed. The EUR pallet / EPAL looks the same today and the foundation and its function are the same. EUR pallet / EPAL is today the two most well-known return systems for pallets. Today, there are two organizations that provide the standard. UIC provides the EUR pallet standard, EPAL provides the EPAL standard. An EUR pallet and EPAL are directly interchangeable with each other.

All our standard pallets can:

  • Be securely transported across all borders.
  • Guarantee a smooth transport of your products.
  • Offer safe and secure storage of your products.
  • Is climate friendly and helps to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

Carefully selected wood

Our standard pallets are produced from carefully selected wood products. We carefully select our wood through carefully executed quality routines to ensure high strength and long-lasting life. All our standard pallets are based on solid wood pieces. Our product development and product testing show a significant increase in service life by using only solid wood pieces in the pallet design.

Contact us if you have questions about standard pallets and what different types are available.

EUR Pall - Åsljunga Pallen - Träpallar



Weight: approx. 20,5kg

Wood: Spruce/Pine

Pall - Industripall 22 mm - Åsljunga Pallen - Träpallar

22mm Industry Pallets

Measure: 1200x800

Weight: approx. 15kg

Wood: Spruce/Pine

Pall - Industripall 16 mm - Åsljunga Pallen - Träpallar

16mm Industry Pallets

Measure: 1200x800

Weight: approx. 8,2kg

Wood: Spruce/Pine

Halvpall - Pall - Åsljunga Pallen - Träpallar

Small pallets

Measure: 800x600

Weight: approx. 8,3kg

Wood: Spruce/Pine