The history

In the end of the 1940s Mauritz Nilsson started to produce wooden packaging in Vemmentorp on his newly bought farm. It had shown to be profitable with forest harvesting and sawing, which made Mauritz 1951, to start the company: Mauritz Nilsson wooden industry Åsljunga.

At the start up the work was conducted in the old stables directly on the ground and on the stable floor. The first co-workers were often farmers and foresters who could, during their low season, work extra with the packing production. Olle Nilsson, Mauritz son, started to work at the company 1961 when the company expanded and needed more resources. For Olle the step was big from grocery merchandiser to the wooden industry. 1965 A new sawmill with debarker, chipper, boiler and drying kiln was constructed and built in order to increase the efficiency of the company and to let it grow.

A lot of the transports conducted during the 60s and 70s was by train and railroad. The closest station was in Åsljunga. The name of the village ended up being synonymously with the company. It ended with a name change of the company. 1970 the company changed its name to Åsljunga Pallen AB. Throughout the years we have invested continuously within the pallet-production and today we probably have one of the most modern machine parks for pallet production within the world. Today Åsljunga Pallen is owned and managed by Stefan Nilsson, son of Olle Nilsson. Stefan took over the ownership and management of the company 1990. Åsljunga Pallen have seen a huge technological development. When we started the pallets were nailed by hand with a hammer directly on the ground in a stable. Today we probably have one of the most modern machine parks in the world for pallet production.