What makes a good pallet?

The purpose of the pallet

A Pallet main purpose is to saffely and securely in a controlled way carry and protect storied products during transport and storage.

Raw material

The basis of a good pallet is that the raw material is of high quality. Wood is a hygroscopic material and in order to make a good pallet the harvesting of the wood is crucial, how the tree has grown, been selected and how it is later processed int wood products.

Pallet - Raw material

Pallets from durable wood

A good pallet should be constructed of good durable wood that cannot collapse during transport. Furthermore, connectors (nails) of high-quality steel as well as nail length and nail diameter are important to ensure the strength and durability of the pallet and ensure a long-lasting life of the pallet.

Pallet - Raw material - Åsljunga Pallen

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process requires high accuracy and quality to ensure the correct composition of the pallet. It is in the assembly process where the pallet tolerances of the pallet are determined. 

The fit of the wooden articles is how well the different part of the pallet are matched fitted together and it is crucial to have a good fit in order to ensure the pallets dimensions.

Pallet - Manufacturing -  Åsljunga Pallen

Extra durable pallet

The best and most high-quality pallets are manufactured using a technique known as riveted nails. This means that the nail is pressed through the boards and is riveted (bent) on the underside of the pallet deck, alongside the bord. By using riveted nails in the pallet, its strength increases significantly

Pallet - Manufacturing - Åsljunga Pallen

Economy and sustainability

A good pallet performs its task exemplarily while being cost efficient. The pallet shall be designed and constructed in the most efficient and durable manner possible for its use.

If a pallet is oversized, the pallet will become inefficient and the cost of use high. In addition, an oversized pallet requires more raw material and the commodity exchange does not become as durable. If the pallet is under-dimensioned, the risk is that the pallet will collapse and break during use.

Pallet - Economy & Sustainable - Åsljunga Pallen

Use of the pallet

In order to effectivley use a pallet it is required that the pallet's wood products are treated in accordance with ISPM-15. This means that the wood is treated to minimize the risk of pests and insect spread between different countries.


ISPM-15 treatment is possible by heat treatment but also with the help of chemicals. Heat treatment is a better alternative in terms of environmental and health risks and it provides an equally good protection if performed correctly.

Reuse and recycling of the pallet

A good pallet should have high strength so that it can be consumed over a long time. it must be designed to easily be able to be repaired in the event of damage. When the pallet is worn out and need to be recycled, it should go smoothly and easily. In order for a pallet to be recycled easily and environmentally friendly, it is necessary that the pallet is not chemically treated.

Heat-treated pallets serve a purpose after they are worn out. these pallets can be easily crushed into chips for heat and energy supply.

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