Why Åsljunga Pallen?

We work according to´our four core values. These core values have turned out to be synonymously with us and are the core of our organisation and brand. We are convinced that through these values we will be able to offer cost efficient, high quality and sustainable products.


We care about a high service degree towards all of our stakeholders and service has also become synonymously to our way of work. Our task is to supply the service as you demand as good as possible. We believe that a high grade of service will give us sustainable business relations.


Wooden packaging is a relatively simple product which has a important but hard mission. We find passion and joy when we can produce and deliver the right product to the right price with the right function. In order to succeed we commit ourselves a 100 % in every situation by a thoroughly analysis of the situation and need in order to deliver the correct service.


We work with continuously growth and development and strives to always grow sustainable in order to always be a little better. We want to be the best and works with continuous improvements to be a little better everywhere all the time.


We should be responsible and sustainable. We shall not risk future generations possibilities to satisfy their needs. We work sustainable for the environment by working for a sustainable foresting and to sustain a high utilization within our production. We work for the social and economical growth of the society and countryside by conducting our business at the countryside.