Pallets for the industry since 1951

Åsljungapallen has its heart within the forest, we believe in quality and cherish service for the customer.

We are always developing and can call ourselves one of the biggest and most modern pallets makers in Sweden. By having an uninterrupted chain of production from timber to finished product, we can offer safe, sustainable quality in all stages of our prodution.

Climate friendly pallets

Our future looks bright thanks to the important work that all of our co-workers do together. With your idea and our commitment, we can together influence the environment and contribute to a better climate through our climate friendly pallets. The wood in our pallet's stores CO2 throughout the whole lifetime of the wood, and together, through our unique and modern production process, we can help to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere for each pallet produced.

In constant development

We are constantly developing and as one of Sweden's leading producers of pallets, we want to be more than a supplier. We want our customers and stakeholders to benefit from the added value we can create together through partnership. If you choose to contact us, we are pleased to tell you more about how we can help you improve your efficiency. Or we are happy to tell you what you can expect from a 5h deep dive into the world of pallets, in our pallet school.

Great commitment for sustainability

Today there are few challenges that are as important to solve as a cleaner and more sustainable world. In order to achieve a sustainable world, it requires commitment and constantly developing the products we use and how we manufacture them. We have chosen to accept the challenge and have worked with new manufacturing methods and innovative production for higher efficiency, reduced emissions and climate friendly pallets. 

We are proud of our modern production facility and we are probably one of the wolrd's most modern pallets manufactorers. Thanks to our modern factory, we produce some of the moste climate frindly pallets available today.

Contact us if you are interested in our products and want to know more?

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