International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15

ISPM-15 regulates the phytosanitary measure (heat treating) that will minimize risk of introduction and spread of insects and plant pests in wooden products when they are transported across the globe.

The heat treatment, HT, is a measure where the wooden core is heated it reaches 56°C in at least 30 minutes.

ISPM-15 would also aloud treatment with chemicals in order to reach the same amount of protection as heat treatment. Åsljunga Pallen does only do heat treatment and do not do any treatment with chemicals due to the environment.

Except the heat treatment we also dry the wood to a moisture content of 16 %. It’s generally a lower moisture content than what the marked usually offer. By drying to lower moisture content, we can guarantee products with a quality treatment that last a long time with great resistance to mold.