Chips, saw dust & Bark

From our process we produce chips, sawn dust, and bark.

The chips are produced accordingly to standard size and work well for paper industry and for fuel for energy.

The saw dust and the bark work well for animal care, energy, and for soil improvement. 


A large amount of the timber will be produced to chips in our process. The majority of the chips will used for the paper industry. 

Saw dust

We produce high quality saw dust from sustainable raw material from the Nordic Forest. All of our saw dust consists of pure wooden fibers and are free from additives and chemicals.

Our saw dust is suitable for animal care and for district heating plants.


We efficiently collect all of the bark from the trees. We then further refine the bark to our high-quality energy bark for the renewable energy production. Our bark works well to mix dry fuels with.

Our bark is suitable for sustainable district heating plants. 

Contact us if you have more questions about standard pallets and what different types are available.

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