Our models – EUR pallet & Half pallet

The standard pallets are our business foundation. Our standard pallets consist of EUR pallets and other commonly used pallets. We can deliver EUR pallets quickly in big quantities.

Our standard pallets will cover a lot of different load carrier needs, from small and light applications to large and heavy. All of our standard pallet are four-way pallets which means that they will be able to handle with a forklift from all four directions. We supply standard pallets accordingly:

  • EUR-pallet
  • Industry-pallet
  • Half-pallet

A standard pallet from us is one of the most cost-efficient pallets we can offer. 

All our standard pallets can:

  • Be transported across all the boarders over the world.
  • Will guarantee a safe and smooth transportation of your products.
  • Supply you with a safe and smooth warehousing protection for your goods.
  • They are all environmentally friendly and will contribute to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Other standard equipment & options:

All our standard pallets have:

Recessed nails
Clinched nails
Branding INK
Print with ink


Phased bottom board
Phased corners
Solid wooden block
Woodchip block
Double stacking

Contact us if you have more questions about standard pallets and what different types are available.

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