Customer specific pallets

Our biggest product range is customer specific pallets. A customer specific pallet can but will in most cases not follow any established standard.

  • A customer specific pallet can have a totally unique design, construction, functions, and dimensions.
  • A customer specific pallet can consist of a more advance construction which demands specially made wooden articles.
  • A costumer specific pallet can consist of other advanced details as advance asymmetrical surfaces or half sawn boards.

All of the specific details will offer you extra load securing when the pallet is used. A customer specific pallet is prefect when you’re handling, or products have higher demands then what you could expect from a standard pallet.

Customer specific pallet – High volume

These are only example of the products that we can offer. 

Customer specific pallet – Low volume


Recessed nails
Clinched nails
Branding INK
Print with ink


Klin Dried 56° C/30



Branding INK
Phased bottom board
Clinched nails
Painted end wood
Double stacking
Recessed nails
Planed wood
Advanced sawing/Phasing
Parameter pallet
Woodchip block
Solid wooden block
Phased corners

We will design your pallet together

We are able to develop and produce high quality customer specific pallet with our experience and history of customer specific solutions since 1951. We will be able to supply pallets accordingly to your high-quality needs that you will be able to use for a long time. All customer specific pallets will bring their own impression and can come in every size and shape.

Contact us if you have more questions about standard pallets and what different types are available.

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