Mauritz Nilsson started to make wooden packaging at his farm in Vemmentorp in the end of the 1940s. The wooden business with a sawmill combined with wooden packaging manufacturing turned out to be profitable and in 1951 he started the business Mauritz Nilsson Wooden industry in Åsljunga.

At the start eh business was conducted in the old stables directly on the floor. The first coworkers of the business where often farmers or foresters from the local area. It was a good opportunity for them to earn some more money during their low seasons by making wooden packaging. Olle Nilsson, son to Mauritz, started to work at the business in 1961 when the company quickly expanded and needed more resources. A big expansion of a complete sawmill with a boiler and kiln was built in 1965. The expansion gave the opportunities to increase its efficiency and production.

A lot of the transportation conducted during the 1960s and 1970s was conducted by train and trail road. The closest station was located in Åsljunga which also became the nickname of the company during these times. In the end Åsljunga was synonymously with the company and it led to a name change in the 1970s to Åsljunga Pallen AB.

We are still investing in our business and today we have one of the most modern facilities to make wooden pallets. Today, Stefan Nilsson, son of Olle Nilsson, is the owner and CEO of the company since 1990. The business has seen a huge technical development from when its first started its production with hammer and nails in the stables. Today, we are probably one of the most modern wooden pallet makers in the world.

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