Pallet collar & Industry packaging

We make industry packaging in all kinds of dimensions for applications that who demands a complete protection around the goods. Our industry packaging is well suited for longer storing times for both outside as inside. All of our industry packaging will be hand made by our experienced nailing-masters in order to guarantee the right functioning.

We offer pallet collars in length up to 4 meters. A pallet collar is a user-friendly product which can be easily mounted and withdrawn for and efficient storage. It is a well-tested product and standardized sin the 1950s. The pallet collars will make it possible to further secure the goods, especially in applications when the heights of the goods vary, or it will be handled in bulk. It is also possible to print logos or other information on the collars boards in order to create a different or more long-lasting impression of you company.

Equipment and spare parts

Fittings & Divider

Fittings short

Fittings long


Logo print

Contact us if you have more questions about standard pallets and what different types are available.

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