We should be responsible and sustainable. We shall not risk future generations possibilities to satisfy their needs. We work sustainable for the environment through a sustainable foresting and a high utilization within our production. We work for the social and economic growth of the society and the countryside by conduction our business at the countryside.

Our process is a circular economy and we offer:

  • Cost efficient and sustainable packaging that can be used a lot of times.
  • Solid wood, as our pallets, can be recycled to a 100 %.
  • A circular economy from forest to pallet for return and recycling.
  • We do not make guesses; we calculate and constructs the packaging that you need in order to make the product as cost efficient and environmental as possible.
  • We do not only buy PEFC™ and FSC® certified raw material. We are ourselves certified accordingly to PEFC™ and FSC® and we work continuously to secure a sustainable foresting.
  • Buy buying PEFC™ and FSC® certified wood we make sure that we maintain a sustainable foresting.
  • We do not use any harmful chemicals for treatment of our products. We treat all our products with heat.
  • Our machinery is innovative a technological advanced and we are probably one of the most modern pallet makers.
  • The wood binds CO2 when it grows which means that a sustainable foresting creates the possibilities to lower our climate influences buy continuously sustainable harvesting our woods.